Chocolate Bossa

by Chris Conway

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Three years in the making, chocolate bossa is Chris Conway's amazing musical love letter to Brazil. Feel the ocean breeze of Rio gently blow through your hair.

An exotic selection of bossa novas and latin jazz grooves. Acoustic bossa songs, electronica, jazz, retro, electro beats, and fusion.

This album earned an International Jazz Award nomination for best male vocal performance (Latin/Afro-Cuban section).

Featuring guest artists Brazilian jazz diva Ithamara Koorax and percussion master Thiago DeMello (recorded in Brazil) on one track, this album has all the remarkable Conway hallmarks - the lush instrumentation, the cool arrangements and wonderful varied compositions including influences from his unparalleled musical experience in many genres.

"With such quality ingredients and creative artistry, it would be all too easy to become a chocaholic." - RocknReel Magazine


released August 8, 2008

Chris Conway - vocals, piano, keyboards, nylon string guitar, electric & acoustic 9 string guitars, tin and low Irish whistles, bamboo flute, theremin, kalimba, samples, loops, electronic and acoustic percussion

Neil Segrott - fretless bass

Zorpinda Zorpin - percussion, temple bells

+ special guests - (track 7)
Ithamara Koorax - vocals
Thiago De Mello- acoustic percussion



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Chris Conway Leicester

Chris Conway is a superlative jazz pianist.
Modern, atmospheric ECM, blues, Latin and other styles mix, match & alternate.

He also is a wonderful jazz singer and writer of jazz songs.

In jazz he has worked with Guy Barker, Andy Sheppard, Stan Sulzman, Martin Speake and the legendary Finnish sax player Sakari Kukko (leader of Piirpauke band) amongst others.
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Track Name: Starting Over
Starting Over
There are times
In all of our lives
When you see the world around with such beautiful clarity
And you want it so to last
But the time goes by so fast
And when that precious moment’s past
You’re starting over

There are people
Who pass into our lives
And you think they will be right beside you forever
But if you hold on way too much
Or use one as a crutch
When they shatter at your touch
You’re starting over

You’ve got to build a dream
From scattered pieces on the ground
Then have to believe
In everything you’ve made and found
And start to feel the magic
Coz there’s magic all around
And it’s written in the rhythm
And the waves of every sound
But no matter how long
You sing your song
It has to end
And your starting over

You are having the time of your life
When you step back and get a touch too much perspective
And the different points of view
Turn you seven shades of blue
And each shade is telling you
You’re starting over

- ©2008 Chris Conway
Track Name: Time To Talk
Time to Talk
You were looking right at me and I’ve
Been looking at you
There are so many things that I
Want to tell you
Time to talk - where the air is clearer
Talk – where we can be by ourselves
Talk – where we can get nearer
And everything will be well

But every time I try to tell you why
I feel this way
The moment always seems to pass me by
Gotta wait for another day – another day

We’ve been together a while and I
Need to know
How far and how quickly we both
Want to go
Time to talk – do we live together?
Talk – try to live for two as one?
Talk – will it last forever?
An will it still be fun


When we’re in a room together there’s
A strange atmosphere
The only things which keep us together are
Comfort and fear
Time to talk – get it into the open
Talk – can we really make amends?
Talk – why am I secretly hoping
This is really the end?

Track Name: Still Believe In The Masterplan
Still believe in the masterplan,
Peace and love for every man
Still believe in the masterplan,
Peace and love through all the land
Track Name: The Answer - featuring Ithamara Koorax
The Answer ©2008 Chris Conway

You love the idea of me
But not the reality
Because your fantasy
Is something I can never be
But I hope that you’ll find
That special one in your mind
And given luck and given time
They’ll have the answer

We gave it everything we had
Some shelter in a world gone mad
I don’t know how good times turned bad
But we’re not here to make each other sad
So it’s time to move on
No one’s right, no one’s wrong
And like a child, like a song
We’ll seek our answer

But when times were right
We used to talk all night
And let our dreams take flight
Until the morning light
But piece by piece our love
Fell like the leaves
From autumn trees
On cold and breezy days
Spring seems so far away

We all have questions deep inside
Solutions try their best to hide
By being so magnified
You can’t see them though they’re miles wide
But when you pause and reflect
Certain facts just connect
And in the feelings you reject
You’ll find your answer
Track Name: Love At First Light
Love At First Light ©2008 Chris Conway

Suddenly it’s morning see the sun rise
Don’t look back
I can hear you calling right by my side
Don’t be afraid,
I’m right by your side
Love is awake,
To keep us alive
Love at first light

The sun, your eyes, the skies
Things we said last night
This is true love at first light
Track Name: The Missing Years
The Missing Years

Where were you?
Where was I?
How did time pass us by?
With everything we’ve been through
What can you say?
What can I do?
Can we try something new?
The missing years, the missing years
Where was I?
Where were you?

Where am I?
Where are you?
It came right out of the blue
Bluer than summer skies
No promises and no disguise
No distances in our eyes
The missing years, the missing years
Here you are
Here am I
Here am I
Track Name: The End
The End ©2008 Chris Conway

The end is in sight
Last of our darkest nights
All our fears will be over
All our tears will be
Gone and forgotten

Wake with the sunrise
The stars are your only guide
Take me down to the river
Feel the sound
Of love dancing in your heart